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Leila Roux Empty Leila Roux

Post by Leila Roux on Wed May 06, 2015 7:29 pm

Name: Leila Mila Roux
Nickname: Lei, Lea,
Age: 23
Birth Faction: Erudite
Current Faction: Candor
Birthday: May 16

Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Style: Long
Eye Color: Green
Skin Tone:Light with a tannish tone ( which is very faint )
Height: 5.9
Other Distinguished Features: None
Clothing Style: Mosty wears dresses of black and white which represent her faction.

Appearance: Lei is described as being a very beautiful girl, and has a look of an princess without her crown. Since she is way beautiful, in many eyes. Even though she does not find herself all that pretty. She is very looking, and is slim, but she occasionally has a snotty side to her which makes her more beautiful. Her overall appearance is average, but has beauty to it.

Likes: Honesty ( in all ways ), Kindness, Children, and Boys
Dislikes: Dishonesty, Hate, Recklessness
Fears: To be brought down, seeing her family die, losing everything she has in Candor.
Strengths: Being a boss ( when necessary ), Incredibly Honest, Intelligent, Family
Weaknesses: Can be snotty at times, Has a little bit of too much to say, Can be way to honest at times.

Personality: Leila is overall a good person with a good heart, and has a strong desire to be honest, and to be a kind person, who can leave a legacy. Even though she is sometimes described as being the snotty Candor. Which ultimately brings her self esteem down since she has no desire to be snotty for recreational purposes, but she can still be sarcastic.

She also is known to be very smart, and even considered to be leader of Candor, when in return she declined, because she felt she was not all the leading type,]as well as her not wanting to selfish The thing that made to be suggested as head representative of Candor was her ranking or her overall grade in her initiation process which had been first.

Since she had all that about her she had not all been resulted for Candor, since she had a weak Divergent result about her. Which mostly made her Candor, since she loved honesty and everything it offered to her. Which overall made her a good person with a good heart.

Father's Name: Conrad Vincent Roux / 47 / ( Erudite Doctor ) Living
Mother's Name: Mila Grace Roux / 47 / ( Erudite Representative ) Living
Sibling's Names:
Breccan Caius Roux / 26 / ( Head Secruity Guard Dauntless ) Living
Robert Edward Roux / 18 / ( Erudite Doctor-in-training ) Living
Faye Sarah Roux / 16 / ( Erudite Initiate ) Living
Children's Name:
Other Key Member's:

History: Leila grew up in a wealthy household in Erudite, where her parents had good jobs in Erudite. Growing up she knew she was not fit for the life of Erudite, even though she prized all of their intelligence, and had their eyes of the world. She knew she had one true passion, and that was honesty. Ever since she about nine years old she started to appreciate honesty more than intelligence.

Which brought her to the day of her apituide test, which had her know that she was more fit for Candor. Since she joined Candor, she had lost contact with her parents breifly, till she finally got their approval as they came for visiting day. Then they told her they were happy that she chose what's right, after she told them their rank which was first since she had prized the most honesty.

When it came for her final initation, she had came in first, which had got her to want to become a represenative and a instructor in Candor. Since she became a all of that she had been known to bring a lot to Candor. Which had made her get suggested as a leader, which she refused.
Leila Roux
Leila Roux
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Leila Roux Empty Re: Leila Roux

Post by Madison Eaton on Wed May 06, 2015 7:35 pm

Madison Eaton
Madison Eaton
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