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Lawson Knox

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Lawson Knox Empty Lawson Knox

Post by Lawson Knox on Sun May 03, 2015 8:34 pm

Name: Lawson Ezra Knox
Nickname: Lawley, LE
Age: 17
Birth Faction: Abnegation
Current Faction: Erudite
Birthday: January 3

Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde
Hair Style: Short and messy
Eye Color: Hazel
Skin Tone: Tannish
Height: 5.10
Other Distinguished Features: Has scars from being bullied when he was younger.
Clothing Style: Lawson is known to wear stylish clothing, that go with Erudite, and wear glasses.

Appearance: Lawson is very skinny and has some muscule that is enough for him to look cute. Even though he is gay, and he tries to do the best to make it his worth while to make him look cute. Even though he has been hit on by many girls, because he described as being hot. Most guys around him think he is just a way to steal their girlfriends.

Likes: Boys, Fashion, Intelligence, Friendly People, Kindness
Dislikes: Bullies, His brother, and some guys who bully him.
Fears: For his parents to find out about his sexualty.
Strengths: Intelligence, His Friends, and Books
Weaknesses: Fear, Life ( sometimes ), Death

Personality: Lawson has been described as being nice, ignorant by most guys, a wannabe, as well as being a kind-hearted person. Even though Lawson would not descirbe himself as being some things people call him. Since they do not know how much of a nice person he is, and that he has internal struggles that make him try to be as nice as possible.

One of those struggles, is that he is gay, and that when he took his test, he feared they would tell his parents. Since he has fear that they might not want anything to do with him, because of who he is. Then that they might not give him a chance to explain, and then again his parents love him and say whoever who he is they will still love him.

Which makes him have some hope of telling them, and then that was one of the reasons for why he left for Erudite when he was old enough. Then as well as him devloping some interest in women.

Father's Name: Micheal Henry Knox /46/ ( Government Offical ) Living
Mother's Name: Allyson Miranda Knox / 46/ ( Social Worker ) Living
Sibling's Names:
Dante Alfred Knox / 24 / ( Dauntless Council Member ) Living
Elena Shay Knox / 20 / ( Candor Banker ) Living
Jai Everett Knox / 17 / ( Candor Initiate ) Living
Emily Rebecca Knox / 14/ ( Abnegation Student ) Living
Children's Name:
Other Key Member's:

History: Lawson grew up in normal household, and had the average Abnegation childhood, since his parents had the most boring faction anyone could live in. As he grew up he had knew he had been disconnected from the rest of the Abnegation children, and had difference in him. Even though he had loved his parents to all length of the world, and he knew that when he was old enough he would eventually leave to join somewhere else.

Then once his aptitude test day came, he had knew this would the day his life would be changed, and he had found that to be true since his results came back and as being Erudite, Abnegation and Candor. Which soon had him chose Erudite which he knew would be the right faction.

Lawson soon had found home in Erudite, since he had felt different before. As well as knowing that he could be openly who he was here.
Lawson Knox
Lawson Knox
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Lawson Knox Empty Re: Lawson Knox

Post by Madison Eaton on Sun May 03, 2015 9:28 pm

Madison Eaton
Madison Eaton
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