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Filipa Gregson Empty Filipa Gregson

Post by Filipa Gregson on Sun May 03, 2015 9:46 am

Name: Filipa Makenzie Gregson
Nickname: Pipa
Age: 15
Birth Faction: Abnegation
Current Faction: Abnegation
Birthday: December 15

Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Style: Long and straight. She'll sometimes wear it up
Eye Color: Grey
Skin Tone: Pale
Height: 5" 0'
Other Distinguished Features: None
Clothing Style: Simple. Flowing skirts and loose tops.

Appearance: Pipa has a very wholesome appearance. She follows her Faction dress code happily, and is sometimes considered conservative by their standards as well. She's on the short side, and people often underestimate her because of it.

Likes: Being outdoors, Helping others, The happiness of others
Dislikes: Greed, Arrogance (especially in herself), Vanity
Fears: That she'll turn out to not selfless enough for Abnegation, Darkness, Dauntless
Strengths: Generosity up the wazoo, Healing nature,
Weaknesses: Bleeding heart, Often considered too trusting.

Personality: Pipa sees the good in everyone, even when there's no good to see. She loves giving to and helping others however she can. But, like all people, she has a few fears. Sometimes--rarely--she finds herself feeling particularly arrogant about some aspect of herself. In those moments especially, she fears that she will not be selfless enough for Abnegation. Oh, she knows she can still choose, but she fears that if she can't pass the Aptitude Test as Abnegation then she might not make it through initiation.

Father's Name: Robert Gregson
Mother's Name: Sylvia Gregson
Sibling's Names: Harriet Gregson~12
Children's Name: N/A
Other Key Member's: N/A

History: Pipa grew with all the love a first born receives, and transferred that love onto her sister when she was born. She's always been a quiet one, rarely found crying or talking unless spoken to. Almost from birth, she was intent on helping others however she could. Once she could walk, she was fetching things for her parents or anyone else in need. The smiles of others always made her smile the brightest. As she grew, she learned the skill of Healing and employs it whenever needed. She knows that if the Test places her somewhere other than Abnegation, she'll go. It will hurt terribly to know she wasn't good enough, and leaving her family will sting for years, but she refuses to be something she's not. She will not live with them knowing she's not really one of them.
Filipa Gregson
Filipa Gregson
Abnegation Child

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Filipa Gregson Empty Re: Filipa Gregson

Post by Madison Eaton on Sun May 03, 2015 10:10 am

Madison Eaton
Madison Eaton
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