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Choosing Ceremony

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Choosing Ceremony Empty Choosing Ceremony

Post by Madison Eaton on Sat May 02, 2015 9:49 pm

Maddie had been preparing her speech for ages, and had been dying to be the one to give it, and to all her luck, she was able to become the leader of it tonight. As well as hoping to not find anti-divergents here. Since she was quite aware of how many divergents their were tonight. She would most definitely not let them take the innocent Divergents, that why she had talked to her father on having Dauntless guards be here for here. As well as talking to her Uncle Caleb about having eyes on watch.

As Maddie prepared to go out to the stage, she had looked at a photo which someone had given her so she can go look back, at her mother and say it was her turn to lead the Choosing Ceremony. Even though her mother had told her that she would need to keep an eye out for her younger brother Axel who sixteen this year, and she had hoped he would chose what was right for him, and not just do it to be like someone else.

Soon Maddie knew she was ready, and she soon walked on the stage with a blue dress, and a she had a clipboard in her hand. Since her uncle told her to have it with her at all times, and she knew she should. Since she also wanted to keep track to who all were guarding and also new initiates.

Maddie soon went up to the podium, and she had said in her kind words.

" Welcome to this year's choosing ceremony, which is a day we honor our democractic philosophy of the ancestors, in which tells us that every man has the right to choose his own way in this world. Which had created our factions, and as my parents told me " We choose our own way. ". I do also wish to stress that twenty-one years ago the factions had vanished due to people rebeling. " said Madison.

She took some to think, and soon she continued to say. " Now that the faction had come back a short time after, I do wish to say in which those factions are. Now please pay attention as I talk about the other factions, and now here we go. " she said kindly.

Maddie soon spoke up again " Now these five factions I will introduce have worked strongly together for years, and even as far back as the day of my parents, and grandparents. Many years ago my grandfather stood up here saying that these factions worked together to create an society in which we contributed and that's why the factions were created. Those factions were Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless, and Erudite. They all have their own features about them, and they each contribute a certain thign to society. " said Maddie.

She soon tried to remember other's things, and she soon said " Now here I must explain those contribution, and I shall start of with Abnegation which has indeed fullfilled its job of giving us selfless people for us, as well as Amity providing us with peace and happiness. Candor who has given us the honest people of society, and had given us some amazing judges as I think. As well with Dauntless giving us protection, and giving us amazing people who will do anything to ensure are safety. As well as providing some of us with an amazing family. " she said as she looked over at her father.

" Now last, but certainly not least Erudite who has given us the intelligent citizens of society, who have provided us with learning and educations for our children. That's why we mark this day as a day for people to choose what they wish to contribute to society. Now I leave this final thing with saying that you should chose well. " said Madison as she started announcing names.
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Madison Eaton
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Choosing Ceremony Empty Re: Choosing Ceremony

Post by Wyatt Regan on Sat May 02, 2015 11:15 pm

Wyatt could not believe it was finally his day of choosing, he had been preparing for ever since he knew what faction he was going to choose. Since it was a pretty clear on which faction he was going to join, and he knew it was going to Amity, since he had found use of him lasting in Abnegation, even though he loved his parents gravely, and he had talked to them about it. Since it was allowed to be able to talk about which faction he was going to join. As he looked around, he immediately looked at the leader who was reading her speech.

He heard as she spoke about how each contributed to each part of society, and he soon knew that joining Amity he was going to find himself in peace, and everything. Then the speech comensed he sat and started to wonder about his family, and all his friends. The people who stood by him from day one. Was he seriously considering leaving them behind? Or was he only doing what was right for him.

As names began to get called, he had grown nervous, and more nervous. Then to his dismay he heard.

" Wyatt Reagan "

Wyatt had made his way up to the stage, and he took the knife that was being handed to him, and he soon cut himself, and he soon poured the blood in Amity's soil. He had offically chose Amity, and he had looked back at his parents who were looking at him with near tears in their eyes. Then soon Wyatt went to join the Amity chairs.
Wyatt Regan
Wyatt Regan
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