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Post by Madison Eaton on Sat May 02, 2015 4:18 pm

Name: Madison Natalie Christina Eaton
Nickname: Maddy or Maddie
Age: 21
Birth Faction: Dauntless
Current Faction: Erudite

Hair Color: Brown ( naturally blonde )
Hair Style: Long and Wavy
Eye Color: Greyish Blye
Skin Tone: Light
Height: 5.7'
Other Distinguished Features: A scar from when she was younger it is barely noticeable
Clothing Style: Mostly blue dresses or even a pair of tights or something. Mostly Erudite assigned clothing.

Appearance: Madison looks much like her late mother, and sometimes even shares some of her father's features. She even has her mother's eyes, and is strong like her. Even though she is a Erudite she still shows many strong features to her. Madison also has a scar on her forearm from being in Dauntless, because her brother had decided to wrestle her unlike most brother's would do.

Likes: Intelligence, Divergents, Technology, Courage, and her father
Dislikes: Hate, Anti-Government Members, Fear, and Dishonesty
Fears: To see her brother and father die and to be taken away from being leader of Erudite.
Strengths: Intelligence, Honesty, and Hope
Weaknesses: Death, Fear, and Being Evil

Personality: Madison is described as being a very intelligent, kind, and courageous young women. Even though she would have been known as traitor for leaving Dauntless, because people think it was because her hatred, when it was beyond that. She only left because she knew intelligence made her happy, and that she could not think she last a day in Dauntless with all their fighting and everything.

Besides all of her leaving Dauntless nonsense, she known to be the most caring person anyone could lay their eyes on, and sometimes people wonder why she did not choose Amity, and her answer is because her one true love is intelligence, and that she wants to be able to give society her views on intelligence, and help improve society and not live her life being a secruity, even though she loves her family to all ends of the Earth. She only knows this is best for her.

Maddie is also known to be Divergent, and that is because her results on her test was Dauntless, Erudite, Amity, and Candor. In the end she had chosen Erudite due to that being her true love. She also had been able to show her intelligence enough to become the leader of Erudite, and the youngest one.

Father's Name: Tobias ' Four ' Eaton / 38 / ( Dauntless Council Member ) Living
Mother's Name: Beatrice ' Tris ' Prior /36/ ( died at age 16 ) Deceased
Sibling's Names:
Bryson Tobias Andrew Eaton / 21/ ( Unsure ) Living
Axel Ryder Eaton / 16 / ( Half-Brother ) ( Unsure ) Living
Dominic Henry Eaton /14/ ( Half-Brother ) ( Dauntless ) Living

Children's Name:
Other Key Member's: Christina Eaton /36/ ( Dauntless Council Member ) Living ( Step-Mother aka Best friend )

History: Madison grew up in a loving household in Dauntless, where she lived with her dad and step mother well she considers her mother, since her biological mother was dead. Also she is her legal mother by the law, since she had adopted her, and apparently a request from her real mother. Well when she grew up she was described as the perfect Dauntless child who had bravery and courage all throughout her.

As she grew more braver and braver, she had often brought her brother to shame, because she could do everything he only wish he could do. Then at one point her parents had another child which was her half-brother Axel who was five years younger than Madison and Bryson. She had loved her younger brother to all ends of the Earth, and had grown close to him and has wished she could be there for him.

Once Madison had turned sixteen she had two new brother and she had left due the fact that she needed to find intelligence, and thanks to the new rules she was able to her family regularly well when she could find the time, and since she still had some Dauntless her she would do the jumping off train to get her.

Even though once she was old enough, she was able to become the leader at age eighteen since everyone felt she deserved it, and thanks to the help of her uncle she was able to be an apprentice to him, since he was the previous leader of Erudite. After he resigned she took over, and despite her divergence she was able to become what she never thought she would.
Madison Eaton
Madison Eaton
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