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Post by Madison Eaton on Sat May 02, 2015 6:07 pm

Hello everyone,

This thread is about our site staff, and who they, and as well who becomes an admin or a even mod. Now here is who is all the admins and mods. As well as how you become one.


Admins are the bosses of the site, and they do the accepting, and also even the banning, and we have our ban hammer which means once we bang it you are banned. Besides you should not worry about the ban hammer if your not doing anything that is wrong. Also the people who are admins are the faction leaders, and even some notable canons, but mostly faction leaders are the admins. Which means in total there are six admins.  Now here they are.

Madison Eaton ( Katie ) ( Head Admin ) ( Erudite Leader )
Tabitha Mercer ( Beckah ) ( Admin ) ( Dauntless )
( Open )


Mods are people who are like admins, but they are mini-admins, and if they wanted they can accept templates, and all that there are couple of types of mods. Those are chat-box mods, graphic mods, forum mods, and general mods. The way you can become a mod is by having been a member for a long time, also by having done all the requirements of a member. Now here are the mods. I will get in more depth with the other types of mods in a bit. Now here are mods.

( Open! )

Chat-Box Mod

Chat-box mods are the chatbox bosses, and if you do something wrong they are the ones who issue you your punishment, so do not do anything wrong. Chat-box mods are general mods, but this is there area of leading, and can become an admin if they are trusted enough.

( Open )

Graphic Mod

Graphic mods are mods who look over the graphics, and sometimes make site graphics. They also are in charge of people who make graphics, and they are mostly in charge of the graphic centers. You become a graphic mod if you are really good at graphics, and now what is art.

( Open )

Forum Mod
A Forum mod is in charge of some forums, and can be found when you are looking in some threads, you can see their names by moderators. They oversee the forums, and are somewhat like admins, but admins have more power, and to become an forum mod you need to be able to be a member for quite some time.

( Open )
Madison Eaton
Madison Eaton
Erudite Head Representative/Divergent

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